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Ancestry must be kept united when spiritual gifted

Ancestry is one and make sure you keep your Ancestry united!

I will hear people asking me they want to know their leading Ancestors so that they can focus on them....... this is completely wrong!

You focus on all of your Ancestry and you involve all your Ancestry even if you are busy appeasing certain Ancestors. If you leave other Ancestors behind they will block you and you need to walk with all of them.

Ancestors who want you to appease them in a certain manner will show up .and you will appease them with the help of the rest of other Ancestors as they are one. You never mention things like focusing on specific Ancestors and dividing your own Ancestors.

This is completely wrong. That is why it is important to cleanse your Ancestry so that when you walk with them. you know you are walking with all good Ancestors and walk with them without any fear!.

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