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YPTMM: Girlie's SpongeBob printed underwear keeps the ring away

YPTMM: Girlie's SpongeBob printed underwear keeps the ring away

While you're here, please follow me.

In case there's no one to tell you, allow me to say Happy Valentine's Day!

Last night's second episode of You Promised to Marry Me was funny, to say the least. The couple didn't shy away from exposing each other. From the man being a drunkard who doesn't support his family, to the lady sleeping in tights and cartoon printed panties!

It was funny to watch but I could not help feeling a pang of pain because after all, this is their truth and being exposed in such a manner is enough to knock their self-esteem. How do you tell the man you love that he is lacking and is of no help to you? Then go on to wrestle him to marry you because you've been together for 14 years?

Again, how do you tell the woman you love that her underwear is the reason you go on a drinking spree? That the reason you won't marry her is that her SpongeBob printed underwear turns you off?

The woman went on to explain the need to wear tights being due to his excessive drinking. There's clearly a problem between them and instead of rushing to marry each other, they should first fix their relationship. They already have very questionable images of each other but still insist on jumping into marriage.

Marriage will not fix the fact that one is a cheater who prefers the lace underwear that his mistresses wear. Marriage will also not change the fact that Girlie keeps count of everything that she does in the relationship, including buying sneakers for her boyfriend and clothes for their kids.

Thoughts? Is the boyfriend using the SpongeBob underwear as an excuse not to marry Girlie?

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Source You Promised to Marry Me on DStv channel 157


February 14, 2022

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