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Divorce Affair

Important Powerful Prayer For A Cheating Partner

Often our goal is to catch a fraudulent spouse without considering that nothing productive will come out of it. For a fraudulent partner, the goal would be to convince them otherwise and likely to turn back. Planted in your relationship and you can still follow it even if you decide to settle down or move on to another relationship. God's way is the only solution for a lying companion and this is possible through prayer.

The deceiving and lying husband should be released instead of being forced into a confession or trying to catch him. These prayer lines will help you get rid of the bad spirits in your relationship." Lord, let my lying and deceitful husband accept you and change you. Let the devil's trap, the spell of the wicked and the dominant influence of the unclean spirits destroy him" (2Tim2: 2526) 

"Lord gives him" new spirit, remove his stony heart so that he hears you and follows you ". (Ezekiel 36:26) 

" Lord, through the blood of Jesus, purify, heal and regain your weak and dead conscience so that you may have a guide who leads you to speak righteously. ": 1617) "Lord, put watchfulness on his mouth and straighten his lips at all times." (Psalm 141: 3) "Lord, soon be truly converted and abide in your word all the days of his life." (Deuteronomy 30: 2; Psalm 34: 1213; John 15: 4) Pray in your relationship at First St.elle and you will see God's faithfulness.

Adultery is a sin in the eyes of our lord. The book of life warns us about abomination.

Here is how to carry out the prayer.

Before you go to bed, hold hands with your cheating partner and pray together in your bedroom. Those who gather in my name, I will make myself available for them, says the Lord.

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