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Experts say using Vinegar or apple cider vinegar won’t make your 4-5 bigger


Come on as much as you girls or woman don’t understand us men and our craziness, well we aim to please and go for more as enough is not much. Experts have warned men not to use vinegar to grow their 4-5’s. The warming came after adverts on popular sites advised men to use apple cider vinegar to grow their manhood. According to The Sun, the adverts claimed that the trick would increase their penis size by 65%. Dr Sarah Brewer, medical director of Healthspan, told the publication that there was no evidence that using apple cider vinegar would have an enlarging effect on one’s manhood. Some man want to go big so that they can get enough to satisfy their partners.


” In-fact, as a cider vinegar is acidic. It may sting and cause irritation and inflammation. Do not app it to this delicate area,”. Dr Brewer also warned against inserting a 4-5 into a bottle with narrow openings.

” I’ve had to ‘rescue’ several trapped penises in which the foreskin was drawn back and became swollen as a result of being inserted into various inanimate objects, including a bottle,” Dr Brewer told Daily’s reporters.

Dr Yael Cooperman, medical editor for Ro Health Guide said that vinegar could cause bleeding and extremely painful ulcers.


You see what kind of things we have to go through just to please you ladies. So please respect us and if you find someone who doesn’t go big as you have thought you’ll get, please don’t tease them or demean them as it can cause them to do unwanted things. It will be forever in your conscious.

by: Rendani

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