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Divorce Affair

Revealed: These 3 fights can lead to your divorce. Opinion.

Relationships are common, people get in and out of them all the time. However when you finally get married you do it to be in a relationship that will last. Unfortunately a lot of marriages do end in divorce. Here are the types of fights that can lead to a divorce and how you can avoid this.

Money fights :

There is a lot of poverty and unemployment in South Africa so it stands to reason that a lot of marriages are just barely making things work. In the financial sense that is.

Not having enough money can put a lot of pressure on a marriage, especially when one of the partners are not working and the other has to take the entire financial burden upon themselves.

Friends and Family :

A marriage should be between two people. Unfortunately a lot of marriages involve the opinions of close relatives and friends, this can create problems.

When a partner feels like he or she is not being aknowledged in the relationship as much as a person outside the marriage, it will make them want to end the relationship.

Ignoring the problems :

Regardless of how well balanced your relationship is, all relationships have problems. So when you avoid these problems or shut down, it just allows the problems to grow. You cannot expect your partner to be comfortable with someone who doesn't help them deal with the problems.

What to do :

In my opinion I believe you need to be open with your partner and put in the effort to make your relationship work. This will allow you to slowly but surely solve all the problems your'll are facing. If You can't than see a local religious leader or marriage counselor for help.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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