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How To Keep The Love Burning With Your Significant Other Even After The Honeymoon Stage.

If You Don't Sext Your Partner Then Somebody Else Will.

Having deep, uncomfortable conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a definate must , in order to learn more about each other in ways that extend far beyond just being clouded by the feelings of being inlove. Communicating with your partner allows both of you to learn more about one another .

Relationships of all ages require alot of input in order to work .in the early stages of ' being in love' it's all effortless and everything just happens organically ,as it normally should.

However as the couple approaches and passes their first anniversary, things slowly beginning changing from chatting every second of every minute of every hour . You now only contact each other for important things such sending your good morning and goodnight texts or when you need to communicate something urgent.

The reason in the decline in attention is the fact that you probably feel like you know all you need to know about your significant other and therefore, feel like you do not have any good topics that you can discuss with them and that's a real shame on the both of you.

You will never really know everything about your partner because there are somethings that we sometimes decide on keeping to ourself and not sharing with our 'significant other' in fear of scaring them off or just because we simply don't feel the need too.

Furthermore ,as the relationship grows you both become comfortable with being with each other and in discussing topics that earlier seemed too sensitive.

The more you spend time together is an opportunity to unveil the many layers that your partner could have been possibly hiding before.

Not everybody is an open book .Some people are very cautious with the information they share with others about themselves and reasonably so.

In the initial stages of a relationship ,your partner might come across as someone that does not have any interest in certain things like sexting,sending nudes or being sent nudes ,going out on dates , trying out wild sex fetishes and new sex positions etc.

However there is always a 80 percent chance that they actually into all that and yet you do not even know yet.

The more you are unaware of these secret interests your partner has.

It creates a highly likelyhood that they are sharing and exploring this fetishes and interests with someone else that is not you.

Put in the work and let your partner be comfortable in being themselves around you because if not you might lose them to somebody else who allows them to be themselves.

Do not be controlling ,do not be stuck up, do not be toxic.

Love and let yourself be loved unconditional without any judgements because we are all flawed beings .

Your partner already has private issue that are weighing on their mental health do not add to their stress.

Your presence in your lovers life is to try and ease and help them forget and overcome their burdens and virce verser.

You are your partner's safe space negative energies should never be let inside that space cause that will lead to alot of hate , toxicity and heartbreaks .

Normalise waking your partner up with a sexy cute nude in the morning or Sexy erotic or maybe even poetic text. It might all seem all cliched but it will always be guaranteed to work.

You could send them some personalised heartfelt motivational messages every afternoon to assure them that you think of them and are aware that their day might not be going as planned . receiveing that special message from you will definitely make them feel more loved and appreciated and will also give them a much needed confidence boost and definitely encourage them to extend they same sort of love energy towards you.

Be a lover to your lover .

not a stranger and definitely not a fighter or enemy . You do not want to seen like you are against them being at peace.

be his peace be her peace .

Relationships are supposed to be a wonderful adventure not a horror show and please always remember that violence does not solve anything in a relationship if you feel you are not getting back the same amount of love and affection that you are giving out then you are well within your rights in moving on.

Your perfect match might be somewhere out there also receiving the sharp end of love waiting for you to rescue them .(this is me not encouraging cheating) because it is totally wrong .

Let's create a new normal and say No to Mjolo the pandemic and say YES to Mjolo the perfect sanctuary.

We all need a bit of love and healing in our lives.

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