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Check Mzanzi's Reaction After This Lady Said That The Girls In This Pic Are About To Be Engaged Soon

Date || 23 October 2021

Source || Twitter 


Nowadays, a lot of girls are getting educated which is good because back in the day, girls didn't have the opportunity to go to school and be educated like how boys were. However, this doesn't take away from the fact that some girls still want to get married one day and be someone's wife.

Photo credit: Twitter

Most girls nowadays, however, choose to get married once they are done with school so that they don't complicate their lives. This is most probably why this lady decided to tweet that most of the girls in that 'Class of 2021' are about to get engaged. She tweeted this probably from what she has seen happen to others who finished their degrees and soon after, got married. I too have actually witnessed a couple of girls who immediately got married after they had finished their degrees. 

Photo credit: Twitter 

The 'Class of 2021' in that picture seems to be a class of medical students who have reached their final year and are just waiting to officially finish medicine school and graduate. In the picture, there seems to be a lot of female students than males which shows that quite a lot of girls prioritize their studies over any other thing. This is good because this will enable a lot of them to be independent and don't depend on men. 

After that lady tweeted what I mentioned in the above paragraphs, many people rushed to the comment section, and many of those people were men. The men mentioned that they do want to get engaged to these kind of girls because they will be independent and, they won't rely on them (that is the men) or the girls will be able to provide for themselves and also be able to provide for them as well (once again, that is the men). 

Here are some of these comments that were left on that lady's tweet: 

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Photo credit: Twitter 

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Photo credit: Twitter

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