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Husband and wife relationship

EXPOSED: I am inlove with my stepson, I want to Leave my husband to marry him- please help(Fiction)

It happens that we all find ourselves in difficult situations where we don't know what to do about them. I never thought I would be this conflicted.

I have had to tie down my feelings in my house to keep everyone happy. I have had to think about everyone else but myself. I am in love with my stepson. His father doesn't know but I want to leave him and marry his son.

I am 25 years of age and my stepsone is 18. I started developing feelings for him earlier this year and he seems to like being around me. We have slept together under my husband's house several times.

My husband doesn't know this but the relationship has been going on for some months and we want to come clean. I just wonder because of the age difference, what will people say??? Am I doing the right thing??

Please help me . I want to happy for once. The boy makes me happy and I think we can have a further together

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