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After 5 years in a relationship a woman did this to his boyfriend, man cries in tears


Was in a relationship for 5 years. In the third year, she got pregnant. I was happy but she didn't want to keep the baby I tried to talk to her but nothing worked. She insisted to get rid of it. Luckily her brother knew so she kept the pregnancy after the whole family knew... she gave birth hey I was happy to be a father.. but I had money to support her with the baby...

talked and she said she will stay with her family for support and in 2 years we would start living together as a family.. one year passed.. she falls pregnant with another man she broke my heart..they started living together with that man... She gave birth to the second baby and after giving birth they broke up with that guy.. because I loved her she came to mi apologizing I forgive her.. after a year later 2017 in October when I wanted to say goodbye is traveling to South Africa to seek green pasture...

told me that I was not the father of that baby that made me happy when I see her... I thought she was joking but she called the father of that baby while I was there and she asked me even if I wanna talk to that guy. I felt dead I couldn't believe what I was hearing... I cried in front of a lot of people I felt like the earth would open and swallow mi but it didn't... I asked her why she did that she said that she did it because when she was pregnant the father of the baby run away and his phone was off since they met in town.

from that day I told her that I would never forgive her.. but I did forgive her coz am a Christian and forgiveness is key to salvation.. but I said I would never date again... But then life has taught me a reason that everything happens for a reason... Am strong today because of what I went through... So am strong than ever before ready to love someone's daughter...

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