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'See tribe where a man’s manhood must be tested by bride’s family before marriage

Some African civilizations have unusual relationships to them, which are worth mentioning. The habits and culture of the African people have a long history of amazement and awe, both in the eyes of the outside world and, without a doubt, in the eyes of Africans themselves.

One of these odd activities is currently being brought to the public's attention. In Uganda, we are doing study on a tribe known as the "Banyankole Tribe."

The Banyankole Tribe of Uganda

Because of its association with the word "marriage," the Banyankole clan, albeit a minority among Uganda's clans, has achieved great attention in the western world. Every time the word "marriage" is spoken, it's funny to see that the bride's auntie always ends up bearing the brunt of the responsibility.

That is because whenever a couple is getting married, Banyankole custom dictates that, and I quote, "the aunty of the lady of the bride first have s*x with the husband to be to ensure that he is strong" (in other words, the Aunty of the Lady of the Bride will first engage in s*xual relations with the Man who is going to be married to her!!!). In order to assess whether or not the individual is capable of doing.

After that, the auntie must put the Bride to the test once again, in order to determine whether or not she is still v*rgin!!! A tradition dictated that the auntie show the strength of her nephew's feelings for his future wife by seeing them engage in s*xual activity with him.

What are your views and opinions on this matter?


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