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Signs You Are Dating A Married Man - Opinion

We frequently hear from ladies who reveal how they discovered that their lovely boyfriend is actually married in relationship show segments or Twitter threads

'Dating a married man' is now searched 66 000 times each year on Google, followed by 64 800 searches per year for 'In love with a married man.'

Limited availability

If he answers your call mumbling that he can't talk and then hangs up, it's a significant red flag; or if he's only accessible to talk or meet you at odd hours, it's a major red signal. When he declines a call before you can see who it is, it's the same thing. When their wives are away, married guys will often talk to you and then disappear when she returns.

He never invites you to his house.

Something's up if the guy always has an explanation for why he can't invite you to his apartment. His hesitation could be due to the fact that his wife and family are at home, and you'll see proof of his previous life.

You just make a few acquaintances (or none at all)

If this has happened to you, it means your partner either doesn't think you're serious about dating or he's married. He doesn't want his friends to find out he's having an affair with his wife.

He never comes to see you on holidays or special occasions.

Married men are rarely free to mingle during the holidays or special events since getting away from their wives and families is difficult. It's also easier for him to make up reasons to give his side chick than it is for him to give his wife.

The line of the wedding band

If the wedding band line on his finger is deeply imprinted but he has never discussed marriage, he is most likely married. For the man, the wedding ring serves as a visual reminder that he is cheating on his wife. It's also a dead giveaway to the prospect side chick, so when he goes to visit the other woman, he'll take it off.

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