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Lady marries her mothers lover who is 61 years and mother did this afterwards


See what happened when her mother's 18-year-old daughter married her mother's lover (video): Deja Haugabook, an 18-year-old lady, married her 61-year-old Godfather.

Michael Haugabook has released a terrifying video in which she tells anybody accusing her husband of being a predator to mind their own business since he is her husband, not theirs.

Deja continued, despite the fact that she is only 18, that she has grown and that she wanted to marry an older man because younger men are confused and don't know what they want, causing them to go from one woman to the next.

They are simply envious of her, she claims, and the bulk of them are still living with their mothers at the age of 18.

As the story continued, Deja's mother began dating Michael Haugabook, who is now her young daughter's husband.

She conveyed her views over her daughter's marriage to her Godfather in a video.

Michael's children, who used to speak to Deja as their cousin and Godsister, are now unclear whether to refer to her as their cousin, Godsister, or stepmother, according to Deja's mother, Davina Evans.

Michael was also punished for marrying her goddaughter.

What do you think about the fact that the daughter went and get married to her mother's lover? Does the daughter show to have any respect for her mother? What is your take on this matter?

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