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Husband and wife relationship

UthandoNesthembu: MaNgwabe Reveals This One Thing She Doesn't Like About Her Husband

One might need to really know what Musa Mseleku considers a formula for his polygamous marriage if there is any because some questions can never really be answered. For the past three weeks, people have had a lot to say about MaNgwabe's behaviour towards her husband.

And this was not just them, pointing this out, they dragged it up until now and for one reason or another, MaNgwabe is painted as the disrespectful wife who has had enough of her marriage.

But, every week, we see that MaNgwabe expresses herself more and she has done it again this week, she has actually revealed some things that were probably unknown to the public.

This is about her husband and as you saw on the episode last night, Musa decided to thank his wives for the event they organised for him. There was a celebration for Musa and the wives really went all out, but the focus became more on something quite serious.

After visiting other wives, Musa got to MaNgwabe's place and the mood was almost the same as always. It may seem like that is how it is with them, MaNgwabe never pretends to be fine when she is not, if there is something that is bothering her, she speaks her mind and you probably have noticed that by now.

Now, the discussion was going well, Musa was talking about a getaway that he planned for MaNgwabe and her sister wives, but things took a different turn, amongst other things, he brought up the issue of cooking.

You could say that there is a reason why women decide to be in a polygamous, they are most likely aware what they will need to do for their husbands. Surely, MaNgwabe knows this, but sometimes, she makes it clear that Musa's demands can be way too much, Musa wanted MaNgwabe to cook for him, but MaNgwabe was not feeling well.

So, she outrightly told him that there is food in the shops, he can go and buy food and maybe there was no need to make it a big deal after that, but Musa did.

He talked about how he would go to the neighbour's house and ask for food because MaNgwabe is unable to prepare food for him. And a lot of the things that Musa said led to MaNgwabe revealing some things, she revealed that everything is always about him.

She went on to mention that Musa expected her to perform miracles because she was not feeling well, hence she could not prepare dinner for him.

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