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Divorce Affair

"He's Lying; He Slept With Me Twice On Monday & Once On Tuesday " - Woman Says On Live Radio

Sexual infidelity in a marriage can be excruciating at times. And it's primarily guys who complain that their partners aren't providing them with enough clitoral stimulation. So, the fact that this issue has been brought up on the radio suggests that at least one of the couples is in a state of distress, and that if the situation is not resolved peacefully, it could lead to a divorce or adultery.

On Nhyira 104.5 FM, a 60-70-year-old guy and his wife, who were presumably in their 50s or 60s, were heard crying about their marriage's sexual problems. The elderly man complained about his wife's lack of intercourse. And because he finds this to be an extremely troubling development, he has agreed to appear on the show in order to ask the host to speak with his wife about it.

While this is going on, the woman argues that she has done everything a wife would do for her husband, but he still isn't content. It was even reported that he had three extra-marital affairs over the weekend, with the first two occurring on Saturday and the third on Sunday. She made the following statement: "Do I have a fear of intercourse , or is this just a joke? He's making stuff up. He slept with me three times on Saturday and once on Sunday "For further information.

According to the audio on the tape, the husband said to his wife, "Mama, she is telling lies. It was clear to everyone on the show that the presenter was chuckling at this elderly couple's anecdotes. Do you believe he or she is being completely honest?


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