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Lessons to Learn From Zimbabwean Disabled Celebrity Who Recently Shared Photos of Her Husband

There are so many misconceptions about dating someone with a disability. So, to help dispel some of these myths, we recently shared a blog post from Becky, whose partner Dan uses a wheelchair, about common disability and dating questions. With February being our ‘love month’, we’ve asked her back to list some of the awesome things about dating someone with a disability.

As an ‘able-bodied’ person, I’ve had a lot of people presume that dating someone in a wheelchair is dull for me. I’ve often had to set the record straight – I’m not Dan’s carer and neither of us need any pity. We’re having an amazing time and we have a healthy relationship!

In spite of the fact that she is disabled, a Zimbabwean motivational speaker with the name Sinikiwe Kademaunga has recently shown off her man on Instagram after years of only posting her own photos. She recently posted a photo of herself and her husband, which sparked outrage on social media due to the fact that Sinikiwe is disabled.

There is someone for everyone

It is because of her disability that Sinikiwe found love. This should serve as a reminder to you that no matter how you appear or what kind of body you have, there is always that man set aside for you. Destiny may be delayed, but it will always come to pass when that person comes knocking for you. You will be surprised at how it happened when you least expect it.

True love

She discovered love in spite of everything; she met someone she adores and is enjoying her time with him; there is nothing more lovely than spending time with someone you adore and who reciprocates your affection; these photographs of this lady demonstrated that love can be found everywhere.


Sinikiwe's self-assurance is yet another lesson to be learned from her; she has never allowed her condition to prevent her from showcasing her talent; she is involved in motivational speaking, and she always uses herself as a point of contact; she has demonstrated that no matter what condition you are in, you should always smile through it as if nothing has happened to you

Never look down on yourself

Despite her disability, Sinikiwe exudes confidence; she dresses herself, participates in Tiktok videos, and performs a variety of tasks normally performed by able-bodied people. She didn't stay off social media because of her appearance; rather, she used it as a platform to talk to people and has made a name for herself through motivational speaking; she motivates both herself and others; she is extremely self-aware and proud of who she is.

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