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"Love is just a beautiful thing " people react after seeing these engagement photos

Love is really a beautiful thing and should therefore be celebrated in the most special way possible.

Most people make a commitment to the person they love before they can do the vows. They do this by asking for their partner to marry them and producing an engagement ring. Women usually love this beautiful gesture as it makes them feel wanted and appreciated.

A certain couple has gone viral on twitter after a guy who suffers from albinism proposed to his beautiful girl. Many people have a stereo type against people who live with albinism and always make them feel like there are less human or they do not fit into the society. This couple is proof that real love exists and it does not discriminate over other people.

This couple broke all the stereotypes and showed that anyone can fall in love and have a normal relationship despite how they look or how the society sees them. The young couple looked so good and happy together as the man knelt down to ask for her girlfriend to marry her. The couple were identified as T Govere and Sheba Chicks.

The setting for the proposal looked so perfect as there was a guy playing a guitar and singing for them as the guy proposed. It was a beautiful moment and a lot of people are probably looking forward to see how the wedding will be like if they managed to do an engagement this beautiful.

Love is indeed a beautiful thing and if you find the one for you hold on to it because only a few people have been able to find their true love.

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