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If your lover uses it on you, be warned of the following effects


The post that someone uploaded on social media alerting people about another potent muthi that people like to use to trap lovers has gone viral. Some people use it to protect themselves, while others use it to harm others.

Behold Mpukane ka Thokoza, the muthi who makes people only think about, listen to, and obey them. This is a type of spell that causes individuals to act abnormally because it makes no sense to solely listen to them.

It doesn't make sense, even if it's their husbands or girlfriends. If you've been hearing to your partner and now see that it's not natural, they could be using it against you to get whatever they want.

This Mpukane is used to bathe with, and when you go to see your spouse, they will be enchanted by its abilities, which you cannot see but can feel, and which overpower you.

See what people are saying about it on social media, and it appears to be typical and powerful. It will be impossible for it to leave you if your boyfriend is using it on you. To get it out, you'll need another muthi, and you've seen what happens at Phuma moya o mubi. In order to work you, they take you to their own healers.

- Many people are talking about it, and one of them placed an order for four Mpukane ka Thokoza.

Furthermore, what is Mpesu and what does it do?

Mpesu is a chemical derived from the mpesu tree's bark that aids males in attaining an erection. According to Lamola, the high prevalence of mpesu use in Vhembe indirectly contributes to the high number of domestic violence and rape cases.

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