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Love tangles When you suddenly have too many people asking you out

Have you ever struggled finding love ??have you ever been with guys who just bore you after a while ,then you question whether love is made for you or not .

I've been in several situations like that and I would often decide to quit looking for love .

thought having a check list would be easy and convenient because you would be looking for something specific and that would make the relationship last ,and that would completely go wrong too, instead you were getting partners that were too young ,too old or too much of something and you would lose interest completely .

But the drought disappears when you find yourself a wonderful partner and things are okay but the relationship has its problems and for the first time in your life you are in a long term relationship .After finding this amazing partner you pray to God that

the devil doesnt send his minions to Destroy what you have built .

Why is it that love looks for you when you are already in love ,what I mean is why is everyone suddenly interested in you when you are in a relationship .

How do you know which one is the right person for you ,do you stick around with your current partner and see where it goes or do you explore with the other potential partners ,what in the world do you do ?????

This is truly a sticky situation .

How do you suddenly become selfish and follow your heart ??How do you pick the right person?

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