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5 Ways To Make Girls Chase After You

Do you feel invincible every time you go out with your guys and there's a bunch of girls right across the table? Well, that doesn't mean that you are doing something wrong, it just means that you are doing things in a not so right way. Some of the things every man wants include success, respect, and of course, intimacy. Put them together and you get love. For women, however, it's not always that easy.

In this article, you will discover 5 great ways to make yourself more visible to women.

1. Do good

You must first behave well. It actually costs nothing to have a better step. Research shows that swinging your hips or adopting some sort of boast while walking can make you more attractive. Plus, you can make anyone stop and look just by walking in a different way. For most women, they do this by swaying their hips from side to side, while men walk with a swagger in their shoulders.

2. Look rich

According to a study, adopting an expansive posture can make someone more attractive. So whether it's in a photo on your facebook profile or just the way you look across the bar, look like some carefree. By that I mean having your arms turned outward and not crossing them like you've lost something. The idea is that an expansive posture signals not only openness, but domination as well. And these are often very attractive.

3. Wear more red

Wearing t-shirts in the color of confidence can really make not only women but also men more attractive. According to a study; Wearing red has a way of making men appear much more dominant and successful. Much like the way women tap into the primitive desires of men and appear excessively more sexually desirable while wearing red.

4. Be nice

Those who seek long-term relationships know very well that helping others without any thought for oneself has proven over time to be more appealing than beauty. According to a study, average-looking men who are used to giving money to the poor were seen as more attractive to women than the prettier ones who always walked past those in need.

Wear a perfume.

According to an article in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, most, if not all, women find it attractive to wear cologne or a pretty signature spray. Surprisingly, it has absolutely nothing to do with natural smells or pheromones.

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