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Divorce Affair

Is This Acceptable? Check Out How The Lady Punished A Cheating Man

One leading factor of many relationships is cheating,people have shown a great deal of dishonesty in the romantic relationships,it is always one partner who happen to cheat the other.Most people who are being cheated experiences some psychological problems,they'll start question almost everything including his/her looks and try to find out what is it that he/she is doing so wrong that made his/her partner cheat.Is has become very simple to cheat nowadays,almost everyone is enjoying going out and hanging out with friends,both married and unmarried people are in one way or the other enjoying the streets.The social media has also fuelled cheating,this private platform runs the conversations between the cheaters smoothly since many lovers don't necessarily have access to the phones of their other half.One woman found out that her partner cheated on her,the woman took the whole groceries and mixed them,he took almost everything from the fridge and mixed with the dish washing and clothes washing powders.It was a complete mess,her friend was watching her,it seems like the man was absent when all this happened.Some people are strong enough to handle this cheating or a toxic partner,they just move out of the relationship and carry on with their lives as if nothing have happened.This is one of the best move that one could ever take,it will hurt but surely one would avoid facing the repercussions of staying in a toxic relationships.The fact that cheating is not considered a crime or court cannot do anything about it,does makes the decision to cut ties with the cheater worth taking.The only time when the court intervention is required is when the criminal elements are spotted,this is called a crime of passion where the duo will be involved in the physical fight or the damage of another partner's property.The people in the social media got furious after seeing what the lady did to the cheating man.The people criticized the reaction of the woman.

Have you ever been cheated?

How did you go about it?

Was the woman within her rights to do what he did?

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