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Opinion :5 things to make your relationship last longer

I'm sure this came as a shock to you when you saw the topic because you are used seeing me sharing juicy articles.But today i would love to share an article about love life.This new generation doesn't really care if they are loved or not some just date for some materials or beneficial in that relationship,For an example they date for money or either looks.

I know that some of you are still loving so deeply and do believe in love.Please note that i am not a Therapist nor some love specialist i just want to share some of the things i've learned since I've started dating.

What should we do to make our relationship last longer.

1.Firstly i think we should normalise praying about our relationship. Prayer doesn't mean that we should pray about jobs,a good life,being protected and so forth.Prayer is for everything.Once you invite God into your love life you know there will be a change.Even the way you feel about each other changes.It somstimes feels like youve known eacth other for years.

2.Mind your manners

Don't just burp without saying excuse me that can be a deal breaker for your partner.It can also change the way your partner looks at you my fav people mind your manners hle.It seems like there is always a lot of work in maintaining a relationship with someone but if you always recall how much they mean to you, it will not seem like work.

3.Remember to say sorry if you are wrong.Saying sorry is very important that means you value your relationship and it shows the person you involved with that you are serious.Pride wont get you anywhere the sorry should come from your heart don't just say sorry to avoid drama

4.Learn to Forgive.Everyone makes mistakes no one is made perfect.No matter how stubborn we can hide it but this is a cold hard fact of life.If you truly love and care about the person you are involved with you have to learn to forgive them for their mistakes.Staying mad at your partner can be toxic in a relationship and your please peepo learn to forgive.

5.Lastly Ask Questions if you are worried about something dont beat around the bush thinking that your partner will understand exactly what you want to ask.If you are concerned about something ask,you are worried about something ask and you wanna know what your partner hates in a relationship ask my huns don't be afraid.Knowing some stuff about your partner is very important. If you find out that your partners likes are different to yours learn to adapt from them it wouldn't hurt trying new things.

that's it for today please dont foget to like,share and comment.

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