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The Beauty of a depends on how deep is his pocket

In this article, I am going to tell you the truth about what makes a man attractive to women. Forget about confidence or a sense of humor, those things come last. How can you be confident when you are broke, living with your mom at 30. You can have the chiseled six-pack and a strong jawline but if you are broke you won't get the results you want with women. Women are attracted to a man who can provide. I'm not saying that looks don't matter but having good looks alone won't help you. Here are the reasons why money is power.

1. You will gain more respect

When you have more money, you will gain respect both from men and women. As humans, we respect people who we view as higher status than us. Women treat some men differently from other men. She will treat a man who drives a luxury car differently from a guy who is walking. The thing is, you don't need luxury, even if you get a low-paying job women will respect you.

2. Women will test you less

When you start to make some money, women are less likely to bring drama than when you just watch tv the whole day. When you show women that you don't need them, you are making your own money and you are not afraid to leave, then why would they test you. Even your mom, when you start making some money she will treat you differently. Having money will naturally make you cold because you won't be afraid to leave since you can provide for yourself.

3. It boosts your confidence

When you have money and you are doing well in life you'll be more arrogant. Women love overconfident men. Women prefer arrogant men over timid men. When you make it in life you become naturally confident. Some may say that confidence can't be bought. Yes, it can't be but being broke does impact your self-esteem. Do you think you'd have the confidence to ask a woman out when you know that you are broke? Would you have the confidence to bring her back home when you live with your mom?

Now it's time to hear from you. Which points I mentioned above you don't agree with. Please leave a comment below.

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