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Indian Guy Marries A South African Lady Is This Love Or What?

Although a lot of South Africans wants foreign nationals gone especially those who own business such as the Indians, nigerians because they are believed to be taking away South Africans businesses and the reason why certain black businesses has been closing down over the years, It's quite sad to see that as much as people want Indians gone they won't be going anytime soon because some of our South African women feels different about them,

I mean look at it this way, We all know of the fact that some of this Indians especially those operating spazashops in the townships usually date mzansi girls and as much as these girls are criticized for it, they never let go right? Well it seems like this issue of mzansi girls dating Indian guys is now being taken to some new heights and all this can be proven by a video which is currently making rounds on social media leaving many people with so much to say

Have a look at the snaps attached below 

Video link:

As you can see it seems like the critisized relationships of South Africans ladies and foreign nationals are now going as far as ending up with marriages which a lot of people seems to have some problems with on social media, For example have a look at what has been said om tweeter after the wedding snaps and video above has been seen 

So now with all this being said would you say that all this people who seem against this kind of marriages are right or all that you see written on thier comments is just pure jealousy and nothing much? What's your take? Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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