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" He's the love of my life " Carl Niehaus's 27 Year Old Black Girlfriend Gushes Over Him

Love is one of the most genuine forms of expression and feelings that anyone can have. One thing about it is that it does not discriminate, it does not see colour, and it does not hold prejudice against others. It can bring two people together from different races, and they can build something that people never thought they were able to. Back in the day, interracial dating was unheard of, and it was prohibited by government regulations.

But now that the country is a free country and people are allowed to fall in love with whoever they want to, there are many people in the country who are starting to date nterracial , and one of the well-known figures in the South African political space, Carl Niehaus, is known for dating a young, beautiful black woman. The two have a huge age gap; Carl is 62, while his girlfriend, whose name is Noluthando Mdluli, is 27 years old. They also prove that love has no age as long as a person is able to consent.

Noluthando Mdluli shared how much she loves Carl and that he is the love of her life. At first, he was sceptical about her dating him because he was a white man and she came from Soweto, where dating a white person was still taboo, and because she had never dated outside her race before. But when she noticed that Carl was a good person who did not let race cloud his judgement, that he was kind and humble, she then realised that he was a good person.

Noluthando shared that Carl is a people-living person with a friendly persona and it is a shame that those who dislike him are doing so out of ignorance. The couple met when Noluthando was working as a sales assistant at a shop in Rosebank mall. Noluthando also shared that she and Carl might have different political views, but she supports him in everything he does.


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Carl Niehaus Gushes South African


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