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Uber Hosted a “Future of Work” Event In South Africa. The Future Is AI?

In the same week that Uber showcased a piloted a robot to deliver food in the US, this is just showing you that glimpse of the future of where the world is really going in there something that we can never really stop already all her people like Elon Musk while ending spaceships and reusing them which is something that the world has never seen.

The ride-hailing/food delivery company hosted a “Future of Work” event in South Africa. The future is AI? Of course there's a lot of potential in the Artificial Intelligence department with many companies, and countries working on AI Robot in order to deal with many issues that the ordinary members of the public are facing.

These activities capture issues that need to be taken into account as we reflect on the future of work in a world that is becoming technology-driven, the whole world is basically racing against time to create the evolutionary robotics and we are very much at the verge of technological advancements which have never been seen before.

We are headed towards a future that will make use of robots, and this has raised questions about the role of human beings in the workplace. Unfortunately those with mediocre jobs are going to be phased out because the technology is simply going to take over it will always be an issue of Africa, basically experiencing a latent defect because most of the world has moved on.

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