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OPINION: KZN People Must not be Too Excited for Crystals

There was a trend about KZN people picking up diamonds from their land, but some we think its not real diamonds, what makes me think its not for real is because the governmen t hasnt covered the place and claim it to be theirs. Everywhere if you see politicians not trying to fit in something, know that its not real

Its crystal clear there are no diamonds and only a very few crystals. Sad that there are so many desperate people out there. But that's what most of them voted for. So they should reloice. It is believed to be crystals and not diamonds at all (according to expert geologists)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way that the people are looking to claim part of the possible fortunes (diamonds). Don’t forget all of mining activities all over the world (and for 1000’s of years before) have started this way. The saddest reality is that if this is real. The minister of wealth and mining will take over ASAP.  The people will get what this ANC government has given them what they have now, nothing 

Well I just wish this could be real diamond for the sake of our people and their sweat, and it would really help a lot of people since we losing job, lm crossing my fingers for the black nation. But what l know is, diamonds are created deep in the earth's crust, under immense pressure, they definitely dont just lay around just beneath the surface. This makes me so sad to see people in a frenzy due to lack of education and access to information and general knowledge

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