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Earth and life are in trouble and will end. A Super Massive Black Hole is coming to earth at 110KMPS

Some people believe is better not to know everything because knowing can be dangerous. But again not knowing can also mean you are completely unprepared when the unthinkable happens.

According to scientists there is a Super Massive Black Hole that is heading to earth at 110KM per second. Apparently the Black Hole is 100 millions times the size of our sun.

Black Holes are necessary for keeping everything in balance because they have some kind of a gravitational pull to planets and stars.

But the one that is heading our way will result in a catastrophe and end life as we know it. Scientists believe that this massive black hole is 26 million kilometres away and will reach earth in 4 billion years.

Unless something celestial happens, life and our earth will cease to exist in 4 billion years. We however have nothing to worry about for now but this is 100 percent real.


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