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Legaah: The Zambian Lookalike Of Tupac Has Caused Stirs On The Social Media


Even me as a writer of this article I know some where there is a some one who looks like me. Indeed this shows that human race has one DNA and genes. we are one from same parents. Even that is scientifically proven that every human being has identical yx chromosomes. Which means humans are one from the same parents. Therefore for Legaah being similar to 2pac should not amazed us as people because we are one.

Legaah is a rapper born as Fred Thole in Zambia in the province of Ndola. He later relocated to Zambia where he studied his primary to High school. He may not be the United States (US) rapper Tupac Shakur, but there is certainly something about him. The man is rapper but instead of his music being recognised; he is recognized by his lookalike to Tupac Amaru Shakur..

A Zambian doppelganger who is the spitting image of the late American Hip Hop muso Tupac Shakur has caused a stir on social media. Like the legendary United States rapper, the Tupac double has a clean-shaven head, a distinct goatee with a little moustache, and a couple of makeshift tattoos that have left people rolling with laughter.

Comments From Facebook

Nonde SK

If the real 2Pac was to come back to life he could just be disappointed with kind of kindergarten tattoos the Zambian 2Pac has..

Queen Pattra Angles

This is 1pack, recruit him in the army n give him 2plates of agbado

Svuyile Svig

If Pac was still alive he would be proud this guy, thats what he always want, a brain that changing the world

Marylin Uge

Even faith evans no go gree because tupac never die.history must repeat itself....🤣

There are rumours that this man is wanted in the USA to shoot a video about the legend Tu Pac Amaru Shakur.

If this man's resemble to Tu Pac will make him successful indeed he is lucky to resemble some one who was loved world wide.

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