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4 Things We Do To Protect Ourselves From Bacteria That Actually Don't Work

It is true that we all have little rituals that make it difficult for us to protect ourselves from diseases and bacteria. Although we often think that the things we do prevent them, in reality they do not work at all.

 Here are some of the things we can do to protect ourselves from bacteria:

 1. You catch your breath when someone sneezes.

 In fact, this technique will not help you if you cannot hold your breath for a long time.


 If you hold your breath for a second and move from that person in seconds, you can get rid of those irritating bacteria. Scientists believe that when a person sneezes, the bacteria can reach up to 4 feet.

 2. If you have a duty to share a glass with someone, turn it off before you drink it.

 Even though you have the ability to definitely remove a lot of secrets when you drop them. However, the bacteria remain. If you do not want to drink from the same glass, just say you have the flu.

 3. Use gloves on an ATM machine.

 It may be interesting to note that after using gloves on the machine, the bacteria can get on them. Once you take them out and touch them again, they will certainly transmit those bacteria to your skin.

 If you cannot stop using gloves when touching an ATM, be sure to leave gloves in a dry place after use.

 4. You are covering the toilet seat.

 It is true that no one wants to sit in a toilet seat that someone else has used.

 But the safest way to keep yourself from getting infected is to not touch your nose, eyes or mouth after using the toilet until you have washed your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

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