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10 totally unimaginable things that were found under water. I still can't believe it

10 underwater discoveries that are completely unfathomable. It still defies belief.

In the depths, there are a ton of weird things waiting. There is never a dull moment while you are exploring the ocean floor, whether you are running into dangerous animals or swimming through coral structures. However, some things are crazier than others.

There have been numerous finds in the deep that are unrelated to mammals. Sea life is intriguing regardless of the time of year, but over the years, divers have discovered some of the most surprising creatures that live in the ocean.

1. a park with sculptures

There is a sculpture park off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, but access to it requires wading into the Caribbean Sea.

Over 500 monuments are visible to daring divers.

2. A historic city

I'm not referring to Atlantis, though. I'm referring to a city submerged beneath Qiandao Lake in China. This underwater metropolis stands out because it only recently sunk. That's because a construction company built the lake where it lives.

Spider 3.

Yes, it is correct. Even spiders in the water are impossible to avoid. To breathe, several species make air spaces on their webs.

4. Official gatherings

An underwater cabinet meeting was conducted by Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed to examine climate change and its impact on the oceans.

5. A landmark

Off the coast of Japan, the Yonaguni Monument is located on the ocean floor. It is thought to be 5,000 years or older.

6. Silver from World War II

Researchers located this silver from World War II off the coast of Ireland. About 61 tons of precious metal were discovered in the remains of a British cargo ship.

Seven. Sinkholes

Sinkholes are dangerous enough on land, but it turns out that they may also form on the ocean's surface. These enormous trenches on land and in the sea are the result of the misuse of water, chemicals, time, and bureaucratic processes.

8. Birds

Birds called gannets dive into the water in search of prey. Although other birds engage in similar activities, the fact that these flying fishermen dive up to 100 feet below the surface sets them apart.

Rivers 9.

Wait, rivers under the sea? Yes, the mixing of fresh and salt water creates these odd currents.

10. A Stonehenge Underwater

A watery Stonehenge can be seen in the center of Lake Michigan. It's even more intriguing because no one knows what it is or how it got there.

Even though archaeology appears intriguing enough on its own, these recent discoveries are just incredible.

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