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The Man Did Not Sit on Air For Hours, See the Trick he Did That Made People Believed He Sat On Air.

Goodday my people!

Please allow me to work a little bit of mental magic on you.

When one examines magic more carefully, less and less can be seen of it. Yes. Yes, gentlemen. Yes. If you are the person who gets swallowed, you are in for a world of hurt because those magicians will rip you to shreds if they are successful in using their sleight of hand to convince you to give them your money and valuables.

In the eyes of those with sensible minds, magic is nothing more than science. A man recently fooled onlookers into thinking that he was walking on air by using a trick that I recently demonstrated. Now I'll explain how another magician manages to fool people into thinking that he has been floating in the air for several hours. Nevertheless, what about the illusionists and the air show?

Regardless, I watched a video that demonstrated how this magician fooled curious onlookers into believing that he could sit comfortably in the air for hours at a time today. Is it even possible?

Watch the video I've embedded here, and then let me know what you think.

View some screenshots from the video down below:

If you look closely, you will be able to see how stunned the audience was as they watched the remarkable event take place right in front of their very eyes. It was up to two people to figure out whether the man was seated on a solid surface or on air.

However, suppose... What? This person gave the impression of being suspended in the air. A few people were so taken aback by his incredible magical abilities that they started putting money in his basket.

The time has come, at long last, to face the truth. At first glance, it may appear as though he is floating in mid-air; however, in reality, it is exceedingly difficult for people to sustain this position for any length of time. The smart magician needed just to take a seat within his baggy pants in order to conceal himself, away from the prying eyes of foolish pedestrians.

This pliable seat is worn on a single leg, and both that leg's shoe and seat are suspended above the solid flooring below. This material offers the user support regardless of whether he is seated or moving.

Watch this video to learn the steps you need to do in order to succeed.

In the video, a guy demonstrates the construction and functionality of a seat that can be adjusted in a similar fashion.

After seeing this video of our magician, you should go back and watch the other one. The fact that he never moved his right leg is the most notable trait, and it suggests that he was wearing a 'leg bench.' The second thing that he did was hang a piece of carpet over the floor so that the metal plate would be hidden.

The magician assuaged the concerns of his audience in this way, assuring them that he was performing incredible feats while remaining relaxed in his chair.

When you first saw him, I'm sure you thought he was floating in the air. You've learned your lesson. You've learned your lesson.

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