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Top 10 countries with low IQ rating in Africa

Africa is generally considered as the mother of civilisation as science continues to prove that the first concepts which pioneered the current revolutions on earth originate from Africa. Taking for instance the oldest mathematics concepts originate from Egypt which was founded and built by Black pharaohs and black inhabitants of old land of Ham. Therefore it can be ascertained that Africa has a dormant potential to restore its glory and pioneer the human civilisation beyond the current limits of external domination.

IQ determines how far a country and its people can workout their challenges with little assistance from outside help. It also determines how people can take control and manage their resources, which shows the direction and destiny the current generation is laying out for the future generations. Here are to 10 countries with low IQ in Africa according to World Population Review.

Rank Country IQ Population

197 Sierra Leone 45.07 8,605,718

198 Liberia 45.07 5,302,681

194 Gambia 52.68 2,705,992

186 Togo 59.83 8,848,699

187 Mali 59.76 22,593,590

188 Mauritania 59.76 4,736,139

189 South Sudan 58.61 10,913,164

190 Ghana 58.16 33,475,870

191 Ivory Coast 58.16 28,160,542

192 Guinea 53.48 13,859,341

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