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What are some signs of intelligence?

What are some signs of intelligence?

Here’s something I’ve recently discovered about myself that you may find interesting.

I’ve come to realize that when listening to a podcast or similar, I learn and retain information better if I listen to it at 1.75 times the normal speed.

This means that I’m processing information more efficiently at nearly twice the speed of normal human speech.

If I’m listening to something merely for entertainment, I prefer normal playback.

Otherwise, it’s off to the races.

Having a curious nature, I wondered why this seems to work better for me. What I found was kind of cool.

Basically, sensory information passes through the dopamine receptors in the thalamus part of the brain, that in turn acts as a filter to the cerebral cortex where most of our thoughts and ideas flow.

This filtering process creates a bottleneck, where only a limited amount of processed thoughts are allowed to proceed to conscious awareness.

The brain of a genius functions primarily the same way, but in a different capacity. In the genius brain, less dopamine receptors are present allowing for a wider bottleneck, permitting not only more thoughts to the surface of conscious awareness, but more importantly, allowing for more thoughts to flow at once, that would otherwise be canceled out before reaching the cerebral cortex.

Ergo, a playback speed of 1.75 is the speed at which I’ve recently discovered best matches my brain’s processing ability.

Here’s an illustration to better clarify the process:

It makes me wonder, if human evolution favors increased intelligence adaptations over time, does this mean that humans in the future—say, 200–300 years from now—will talk much faster than we do at present?

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