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Here is how this machine cremates dead people with water

For years, we've been so used to deceased people being buried via cremation or 6 feet underground but over the past few years, that has changed scientists have now figured out other ways in which people can be buried.....two words: Aqua Creamation

Aqua cremation is different from the normal cremation we're used to be it firstly converts the body's cells and tissues into some sort a watery solution of molecules.

In this way, the body of a deceased person gets dissolves completely, the only thing that are left are the bones. Unlike ash cremation, aqua cremation is the more eco friendly option as no substance is burned or air pollutants are produced.

After the body is cremated with water, the bones are left behind and afterwards, they are crushed completely to resemble ash. If a family of the deceased requests for the crushed bones, they are given, just like how real ash is given some families.

As you can see, the plastic with the white stuff inside is actually bones that are crushed from the hydrolysis machine of aqua cremation. The one with the charcoal color is is the ash from the cremation that burns the body.

The advantage of aqua cremation is that it doesn't cost a lot of money as compared to its popular rival of burning burning bodies. Another advantage is that it saves our environment from the toxic chemicals that could further damage the ozone layer.

The downside of aqua cremation is that it takes a long time it complete the dissolving of a body and also, the crushing of bones takes a bit of time too.

In South Africa, aqua cremation isn't yet available but since many of the deceased people are occupying the much needed land, it's about time the country starts adopting this way of burying.







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Aqua Creamation


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