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China has discovered something mysterious on the moon | Check pictures below

China has discovered something mysterious on the moon 

It has just left many people with a surprise to see what has been discovered in China even though this finding is reportedly to be unidentifiable objects, this has left many people with different reactions on what this could be as it is seems to be near the moon.

This has been just on the news as people keep wondering on what this could be, this thing is reportedly discovered by the Chinese Rover whose name is Jade Rabbit who is reportedly the one to discover this thing.

Here is the statement that was released in China about this mysterious thing : "China's Yutu 2 rover has spotted what Chinese researchers are calling a "mysterious hut" on the far side of the moon. The rover recorded a blurry image of the cube-shaped object as the rover made its way across the moon's Von Kármán crater." 

"Was it a home built by aliens after the crash landing? Or is it the pioneer spacecraft of the predecessors to explore the moon?, The mysterious object is probably one of the moon's many large boulders, which was possibly lifted from underneath the lunar surface by an impact event." 

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