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Expert believe humans are not from earth and were brought here thousands of years ago. We are aliens

The mystery of why we are so obsessed with extraterrestrial life has been solved. It seems like we might actually be missing home. We might actually be home sick.

According to scientists humans are not originally from earth and were brought here from another planet or star. Another theory is that we are actually a crossbreed from two different species.

Scientists argued this case by comparing humans to other animals. A baby horse is born with the ability to walk on its own without help. While a human baby on the other hand is born with no ability to do anything.

Another argument is about our Rh blood. This blood means that a mother's blood could reject that of her own offspring again emphasising that we are probably a mixture of species.

All these now shows that there is still a lot we do not know about ourselves and our origin. Maybe it is time we went home. Maybe at home we do not die, or could that be heaven we are always yearning for.


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