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Phones Do not Cause Gas Explosions, This is what Causes it, Beware

For a while now, there have been reports claiming that using cell phones while cooking causes the gas to burst. Videos and photographs have been used to bolster the claim and caution people against cooking while using cell phones.

Despite the fact that there is no hard evidence to support this claim. That begs the question: are cell phones capable of igniting gas bombs?

Fire begins when a combustible substance, such as wood, is subjected to heat and Oxygen. As a result, this demonstrates that heat and gas must be linked in order for the gas to burst.

There are very few people who have had personal contact with or have witnessed a victim of this type of crime. Most of the time, these warnings are sent over WhatsApp or Facebook. So, are cell phones really responsible for gas explosions when they're in their pockets? NO.

This is due to the fact that no documented incidence has yet proven that a cell phone triggered a cooking gas explosion.

Researchers and scientists have conducted studies to determine whether or not cell phones may ignite a fire when in touch with a fuel or gas source.

Every experiment failed since there was never an explosion or a fireball.

These allegations have spread due to the fact that some individuals simply read the headlines and assume the worst without doing any additional research.

One danger of using cell phones while cooking is that you may become sidetracked and go off the rails.

For example, someone could forget to turn off the gas, which could lead to a terrible or horrible situation.

Putting the gas on without lighting it has happened before, and people have gone on their phones while it's still lit. When they come back, they light it, which results in an explosion because the gas has been circulating.

As a result, refrain from using your cell phone in the kitchen if at all possible.

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