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4 Simple Methods to Cure Tooth Decay at Home

Protecting yourself from decay is equally crucial, and these procedures not only get rid of the decay but also protect you from it; after all, prevention is always preferable than treatment, right? This approach might also help to make your teeth whiter and more transparent.

1.Egg shells

The egg shells contain calcium carbonate, which is removed by the butcher shop, and the mineral is re-added to the email in its place.

According to a paper published in 2015, the antibacterial capabilities of this gel eliminate dangerous germs in the oral cavity. This will only serve to lighten the discolouration of your teeth while also protecting you from tooth decay.

2. Aloe vera tooth gel

Aloe vera tooth gel may be beneficial in the battle against germs that cause tooth decay. An independent 2015 assessment found that the antibacterial activity of this gel destroys dangerous germs in the mouth, according to trustworthy Source. It also aids in the removal of the black color that is known to cause cavities.

3. The leaves of the guava tree

Guava leaves offer antibacterial properties that may be useful in the treatment of tooth decay. Guava leaves can be chewed, or they can be crushed and dissolved in boiling water, and the resulting solution can be used as a mouthwash. They have a slight harsh taste to them, but they are effective.

4. Fluoride mouthwash

Fluoride is beneficial to the teeth since it aids in the restoration of minerals in the teeth. Because demineralization or a lack of minerals is a contributing factor to tooth decay, fluoride mouthwash can be an effective home treatment for preventing dental decay and decay from occurring.

The recommendations and advice provided in this article are intended solely for general informational purposes and should not be taken as medical advise from a licensed expert. If the cavities become worse and more painful, it is recommended that you contact a dentist at this time.

It is also recommended that you speak with a dentist before attempting any of these treatments. Some dentists would advise you to utilize them instead of going to your regular dentist.

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