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EYE TEST: 10 Funny And Confusing Photos That Will Make Look Twice Before You Understand

The human brain sees what it wants to see. This usually causes you to look at your average daily routine. Moving cars, familiar faces, and of course thousands of spam emails.

But sometimes the brain tells us that the sheets on our bed are strange or that the tree in front of our house has a human face. Why is that? And why is it so funny when it's an image of something normal that makes it look like a person with baby feet or a dog face and not a human?

The answer is that your brain tells your eyes what to look at, not the other way around. I don't want to confuse you.

Photos that look confusing and funny at first glance requres that you use your intelligence to the extreme. Our ancestors survived in the wild by spotting out danger using patterns and sometimes sound.

This is a test to see if we are wiser than our ancestors. Spot out the real meaning of these images in 30 seconds to prove that you're wiser.

Stress and pain can exacerbate the stresses of life and lead to premature death. Laughter is probably the best medicine to treat almost any disease. Laughing at confusing circumstances has it's benefits;

1. The happiness hormone is released. Some experts believe that laughter has healing powers. Why? Because when we laugh, we not only stimulate our feelings of freedom, but also stimulate our bodies to release hormones that increase our general happiness. Dopamine improves our mood, adrenaline makes us more alert and receptive, and serotonin is a calming and pain-relieving endorphin.

2. We breathe better. Have you noticed that every time we inhale and exhale, we expand our lungs and stretch and relax our muscles? No wonder a new yoga practice that focuses on laughter has emerged. This is based on the fact that laughing longer can help regulate breathing and carry oxygen to the lungs.

Meanwhile, how many pictures were you oable to decipher? Did you enjoy this article? If yes don't forget to share and let's get our brains working.

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