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Tips and Tricks of solving GEOMETRIC problems - Part 1.

Mastering Geometry - Part 1.

Geometry is one of the oldest mathematical disciplines. It was actually discovered before the birth of Jesus Christ. And, today it forms part of the precise subjects or concepts in the mathematics world. More than this, it can be one of the trickiest part of mathematics, alongside calculus, trigonometry and more. However, just like any other mathematics or science phenomena, with consistent practice, one can achieve great marks.

This article will focus on the first part of tips and tricks of solving geometrical problems. They may not work for every distinct individual but will be surely effective to try.

Tip 1 - Know your shapes.

This may sound simple but it is actually not easy. Knowing the various types of shapes in Geometry does not refer to knowing what a "circle" or "triangle" is, but it is about knowing the distinct properties of each shape.

To break this down, there are numerous types of triangles, these include acute-angled triangles, obtuse-angled triangles, scalene triangles and right-angled triangles. Also, a circle has many features, such as the secant or major and minor segments. One will need to be familiar with all of these.

Tip 2 - Know your types of angles.

To master Geometry, angles are one of the basic phenomena to know. One should learn and know by heart all the types of angles that can either exist inside shapes, in lines or planes.

Tip 3 - Know how to draw these angles and shapes.

Geometrical constructions are also a major part of geometry. Not only do they make one understand the different lines and angles better but promote visual learning. Therefore, practicing different geometrical constructions using instruments such as compasses, sharp pencils and protractors can help.

That is all for part 1 , please like and comment for part 2.

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