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Insane Experiment Using Match Sticks

Source: (6 science experiments that are done with matches)

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You may recall your parents telling you as a child that you should never play with matches. What they didn't tell you was that matches are excellent for science experiments, which makes sense given that matches may easily burn down your house. You will be using matches for this experiment. Make sure you've taken all of the necessary safety precautions, as you want to learn while remaining safe.

This is a fun and easy science magic trick that uses fire and water. Water, a glass, a plate, and a couple of matches are all you'll need. Fill a plate halfway with water, light a match in the center, and cover with a glass. The glass will be filled with water.

Materials you need

1. Match

2. Flat Plate

3. Colored water

4. Two wooden matches

5. A quarter or other significant coin

How to Do the Magic Trick

Fill the plate with water. To make it easier to see, I dyed the water using food coloring.

You can set one of the matches in the water by bending it. By placing a quarter or other bent end on the end of the matchstick, you can keep it upright.

To light the match you placed on the plate, use the second match.

Invert a glass over the blazing match right away.

Even after the match has been extinguished, the water will flow into the glass and remain there.

How Does It Work?

The flame's heat transfers energy to the trapped gas beneath the glass, increasing its pressure and pushing against the water. The air cools when the flame is extinguished. The water is subjected to less pressure, allowing it to flow into the glass.

Please ensure that you do this under supervision if you are a child so as you do not hurt yourself.

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