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Megalodon heavier than 10 elephants and could eat whales (Photos)

Scientists have used 3D modeling to analyze the size of the extinct megalodon shark in detail and put its horrific legacy into context.

Nothing in the water would have a chance of surviving.

The frightening prehistoric megalodon may have been far larger than originally believed and capable of devouring whole whales in only five bites, according to a new research.

An gigantic shark's fossils were utilized by researchers at the journal Science Advances to build a 3D reconstruction of the monster.

They were able to deduce some very terrifying hints about the lives of the finned horror that formerly ruled the waters from there.

According to the findings, megalodons were probably approximately 50 feet long and weighed about 70 tons.

Probably never has anything been so terrifying.

That is equal to 10 elephants, to put it in context.

The shark could probably expand its enormous jaws to a height of around 6 feet, which means that if it desired, it could swallow most people whole.

These horrifying gnashers are what prompted researchers to hypothesize that a modern megalodon would have no issue at all devouring a killer whale in only five bites.

The megalodon is said to have been a migratory fish that, once it had satisfied its hunger, could continue for months without eating.

John Hutchinson, the study's co-author, offered the following analysis: "A superpredator merely controlling its ecology would be the situation.

"Nothing truly compares to it.


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