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Meet Liew Thow Lin, The Man With A Magnetic Body.

Magneto is a well- regarded fictional individual from the X- Men collection of comedian books. He is able to controlling any metallic thing. Malaysian Liew Thow Lin possesses a comparable superhuman capability. Despite the reality that he lacks Magneto's capacity to govern metallic matters, he can glue as much as 36 kg of metallic items (every weighing 2 kg) to his frame with out using adhesive. He also can use this talent to tow an automobile. When his equipment have become caught to his frame on the age of 60, Liew determined his capability to paste metallic to his frame.

When scientists from Malaysia's University of Technology checked Liew, they determined that he has no magnetic subject in his frame. The excessive quantity of friction in his pores and skin is to thank for this. His frame turns into super- sticky because of the abnormally excessive friction, growing a suction effect. His 3 grandchildren have comparable abilities, displaying that his sticky pores and skin is a own circle of relatives trait.

What Is The Source Of His Power?

Liew's body has been studied so that it will parent out what's inflicting him to behave this way. Scientists from Malaysia's University of Technology determined that Liew' s frame has no magnetic subject.

His pores and skin, in reality, has a excessive degree of friction. This creates a suction effect, which reasons the matters to stick to his frame.

It seems that the trait is inherited. His son and grandchildren have the identical capacity.

How Did Liew Find Out About His Talent?

Liew Thow Lin claims that earlier than he examine a piece of writing approximately a Taiwàn own circle of relatives with the identical strength, his demonstrations consisted entirely of sporting bricks weighing nine kg and braced via way of means of iron bars. He took numerous iron gadgets and positioned them on his stomach even as analyzing the paper.

" To my amazement, anything, consisting of an iron, caught on my pores and skin and didn' t fall down. "

When Liew reached 60, he started out to make headlines. He used to self- adhere severa family gadget on his frame.

Performances At Charity Events

The 85- year- antique guy, who lives in Gunung Rapat, Malaysia, makes use of his strength now no longer only for notoriety however additionally for the betterment of society.

He Takes Part In A Variety Of Charity Events

Liew Thow Lin connected one cease of a metal birth control to a series and the alternative to the bus on November 1, 2008. In much less than a minute, he slid the contraceptive below his armpit and pulled the bus for 3. four meters.

In this event, his buddy Tan Kok Thai, who's additionally over eighty years antique, lifted severa gadgets, consisting of 33 kg stones. Tan' s call is blanketed withinside the Malaysia Book of Records for lifting matters weighing 102. nine kg in spite of his personal weight of sixty one kg. Four years ago, Tan have become aware about his frame' s magnetic pull. Wood, like metal, has the capacity to stick to Tan' s frame.

Liew applied an iron chain connected to an iron plate on his stomach to attract the car for 20 meters, in step with his famous vehicle pulling event. Liew defined this option to visitors on the Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta in Tanjung Rambutan (Malaysia) after showing it to them.


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