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Man reveals a special thing that happened when King Misizulu was announced as King

A man has revealed a very special event that took place when the new king of the Zulu people, King Misizulu, was announced from the reading of his father's will. This event took place when King Misizulu became the ruler of the Zulu people.

According to the man, the king is the only child whose Imbeleko, which his mother used to wrap him with on her back, was that of a lion skin, which represents true power. This was done so that the king could ride on his mother's back.

This demonstrates that the ancestors made the correct decision in selecting this individual to succeed his father as king of the nation either after his father has reached retirement age or after his father has passed away in order to preserve the Zulu nation.

The man claims that when King Misuzulu's mother passed away, the cows in the kraal produced a very low sound that resembled a lion, and then it began to rain heavily, which is evidence that a powerful person had passed away and was no longer on earth.

The last remarkable occurrence that he discusses is the rain that fell shortly after it was revealed in the will that Misizulu will succeed his father as king.


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Imbeleko Misizulu


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