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How does this Tribe Manage to live Underwater?

Southeast Asia's strange (Bajau Laut) people have evolved an amazing genetic adaptability. Their bodies have truly transformed to give them the superpower of being able to endure longer underwater. According to a recent study, these people have bigger spleens because diving requires them to hold their breath for longer. According to 'Origin Explained' from their YouTube channel, they are supposed to have survived for years by diving and gathering shellfish from the ocean floor.

to comprehend the rationale behind this adaption. We must study the past of these prehistoric people, who have historically been a nomadic and maritime tribe that relied on the ocean and the coastal regions of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia to survive.

These people are dispersed across this region of the world in numbers of roughly a million. And for the past, say, a thousand years. They've been living aboard houseboats, moving about, staying on the water, and hardly ever setting foot on land. Everything they require is obtained from the sea.h

They now have biological scuba tanks thanks to an adaptation to their anatomy, which may seem implausible. This is how it functions. An organ in the human body about the size of a fist is the spleen. It helps the circulation cycle oxygen and eliminates old cells. when a diver is in the water. To hold their breath for longer iand dive deeper, they require more oxygen in their blood.

They will develop larger spleens in order to be able to hold their breath for longer periods of time while diving to depths of more than 210 feet than any other group of people. The typical human can dive down to roughly 20 feet and hold their breath for about a minute.

Scientists are still baffled as to what exactly is causing these individuals to resemble mermaids and mermen, if it is a mutation, an evolutionary process, or something else entirely.

Origin Explained from their YouTube channel presented this tale.

Please visit the "Origin Explained" YouTube channel to fully comprehend this tribe.

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