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Only South Africans can understand this Only South Africans can understand this funny pictures

Among other things, laughter is a physical reaction marked by rhythmical, frequently loud diaphragmatic and respiratory system contractions.

It is activated as a result of specific external or internal stimuli. Laughter can be induced by physical actions such as being tickled or by hearing or reading amusing stories.

What is it about tragic events that makes us laugh?

In general, scientists believe that this is a way for our subconscious to allay our fears and reassure us that everything is fine.

The reason we laugh is because we find it difficult to absorb what we're seeing. As a result, we laugh it off to distract ourselves from the stress or grief that the circumstance may have caused us.

Check this funny memes that will make your day. And you need higher meme knowledge to understand these pictures. Also don't forget to leave a comment below. Which one is your favorite between these funniest pictures.

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