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Technical Advancements to look out for

Technology is forever changing and it is hard to keep up with the changes that take place in terms of technology. It is quite peculiar that predictions are being made in regards to technological advances in such times where nothing is guaranteed. On the bright side is that these developments will make life easier in the coming years. Developments that take place within the field of technology affect everyone regardless of what they do for a living. With that being said, here is a list of technological advances that you should look out for in the coming years.

Firstly, is Aerospace Technologies, the Aerospace departments has quite a number of innovations that keep on increasing as years go by. The Aerospace industry is looking forward to making airplanes that use no fuel at all. These include Advanced Space Propulsion System, Advances in Material Sciences, Smart Automation and Block Chain. These companies aim to achieve these advances with the help of 3D printing.

Secondly, it is 5G Networks. By the time you read this article 5G networks have already been implemented as the demand for 5G increases due to virtual meetings, streaming videos online and it is also quite beneficial for content creation. In South Africa, the leading brands that produce devices that render the 5G network are Samsung, I-phone and Huawei. In other parts of the world Qualcomm is helping by making smart phones that have 5G to be affordable.

At number three, we have Edge Computing. Many technologies that exists today is an application of edge computing. Collaboration with artificial intelligence, 5G and mobile cloud Edge makes data processing easy for customers and leads to faster internet.

The fourth advancement is extended reality. Extended reality comprises of augmented and virtual reality. This technological advancement helps solve the problem caused by the pandemic which requires people to be in isolation. Extended reality will change the way we look at healthcare, education and lifestyle as a whole.

At number five, there is Human Augmentation. Human Augmentation changes the perspective of what being human means. This means people can upgrade their body feature by replacing them with robot parts. This ranges from having robot arms, advanced contact lances and augmented skulls.

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