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Here Is A List Of Things Bill Gates has donated In South Africa

Source: is how the Bill Gates Foundation defines its work in South Africa and its contribution to the country.

South Africa, as a pioneer in research and development, has the potential to contribute to the advancement of science and technology across the rest of Africa and the globe.


It is a world-renowned scientific and research community in South Africa, which has both major problems, such as high rates of HIV and tuberculosis, and important advantages, such as a world-renowned scientific and research community. Ever since we made our first grants in this area in 1999, we have been dedicated to solving these problems and making investments in the area's bright potential.

We are collaborating with South Africa to put its influence, knowledge, and solutions to work in order to solve the country's most pressing problems. In our present investments in more than 100 organizations, we are concentrating on four major objectives:

Discover and develop novel HIV and tuberculosis medicines, diagnostics, and vaccines, among other things. Despite the fact that South Africa has a population of less than one percent of the world's population, it is responsible for 18 percent of all HIV infections and deaths worldwide, as well as 6 percent of all tuberculosis infections and 2.5 percent of all tuberculosis-related fatalities worldwide.

Help ensure that established HIV prevention and treatment programs are delivered effectively, as well as the successful execution of TB operations and implementation research.

Collaboration with the South African government on common global health and development objectives is encouraged.

Support limited research, technical assistance, and program support for other objectives, such as family health, agriculture, water sanitation, and hygiene, in addition to providing limited research support.

All in all, according to the above explanation from Bill Gates foundation it is said that Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates had played a significant role in implementing the following vaccines in South Africa:

1. HIV vaccine medication

2.TB vaccine medicationBill Gates - the vaccine interview

So what do you think of this, the same man you've been rejecting is the same man who is helping our country to fight TB and HIV? Comment below, like, and share with others on the net.

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