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It Isn't Photoshop, Check out Fascinating Things You May Not Know About Maasai Tribe In Kenya

This statement made by is supported by current genetic research which finds that the Maasai tribe originated in northern Africa and migrated southwards during the 15th century, encountering other tribes and battling in addition to acquiring additional cattle along the route. People were so successful that they even went as far as taking over their lands and possessions until the early 1900s.

Due to heavy depopulation and a multitude of diseases that ravaged their population for years, many of their people and cattle lost their means of survival.

Massai tribe members in Kenya have a distinct culture and traditional practices that at times cause conflict, and one of their tribe's best warriors is regarded as an all-time great.

As you may not know, these people have a few interesting facts about their tribe that you may not be aware of.

The subjects of the experiment live in harmony with the natural world.

As a fugitive tribe, the Maasai people can choose to relocate, or else migrate to other locations and lead a life eternally in the wilderness. Their habitats are game reserves, therefore they coexist with wild creatures.

1. They like to spread out for a period so that their livestock can graze.

2. Due of their height, they are amongst the world's tallest people.

The Maasai people are among the tallest people in the world. Calcium-rich diet gives them great height with long limbs and legs.

3. Cows are a big part of their life.

Cattle-ranching is a significant part of Maasai culture. Cows are the most important and beneficial property that they own, and they don't joke around with them. Being a wealthy Maasai warrior who owns a vast herd of cows shows that you are a very accomplished person.

4. When a man has as many women as he wants, he is free to have them.

Men in the Maasai tribe have a certain percentage of their wealth represented by the number of cattle and children they own. They can have as many wives as they want to have children. A young Massai woman must sacrifice cows before she is married, and each woman must build her own house and a separate home for her offspring. In general, the first wife is better than all others, and she lives near her husband in their home.

5. Blood and raw meat are the two major sources of protein in their diet.

Although the Maasai people only eat raw milk and raw meat, they consume raw cow blood on exceptional occasions. When participating in an especially sacred ceremony or when they aren't feeling well, they will drink it fresh and unadulterated or mixed with milk.

6. It is important to keep in mind that Their homes are constructed out of human and cow urine and dung.

Although Maasai huts can change site, they remain in one area for an extended period of time, depending on the land's fertility and how much food and water the inhabitants can obtain. They create their houses out of straw, mud, ash, cow excrement, human urine, and sticks.

7. To put it simply, their Warriors are powerful enough to hunt lions.

The Maasai see being a warrior as one of the most courageous achievements a member of their tribe can do. Having been together since their founding, hunting a lion is a subjective accomplishment.

8. A leaping festival is celebrated each year

They really do jump that high—it appears to be an illusion or a photoshop, but they do utilize it to identify a courageous warrior and to seduce new wives.


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