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For Laughs, Here Are 26 Hilarious Pictures And Jokes

This collection of humorous jokes and amusing images will make you laugh and forget about your sorrows. It's good to be joyful, and one way to do it is to look at some humorous photographs and jokes that will relieve your stress.

Here are some hilarious jokes and humorous photographs for your entertainment:

Three scientists, a biologist, a physicist, and a chemist, went on a maritime exploration excursion. A large, ugly fish reached the sea and swam to the shore before returning to the deep sea.

The biologist stated that he needs to determine which phylum the fish belongs to, so he dives into the water. When his friends couldn't find him after a long time, the physicist assumed he'd been carried away by the waves. He decided to go in and measure the wavelength and frequency of the wave so they could figure out where the biologist was. He walked in and then vanished.

The pharmacist began returning home after a lengthy period of waiting. "Why would you just walk away when two of your buddies are drowning in the sea?" a man nearby who was watching the scene asked. "We merely came for discovery," the chemist said, "and I have discovered something; both of them are soluble in water."

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